With the resurgence of nose to tail eating the british delicacy has shown itself once again waitrose the british supermarket chain began selling pre made beef faggots in 2014 mostly the frozen mass produced mr brains brand made of liver and onions and sold in a sauce.

Swedish culture here are ten aspects of the swedish culture i believe you should be aware of in order to better understand life in sweden and swedish peoples behaviour swedes like to sing swedes not only sing in the shower or in a choir they also love to sing together with their friends and family during family gatherings and events like midsummer the crayfish party hellip.

Hi pem actually when you make this pretzel salad recipe you must use the frozen strawberries as the hot jello and frozen strawberries is what makes it set if you let it set more then 6 to 9 mins it then starts to thicken where it is too thick to spread a recipe is like a formula and must be made exactly as it reads.