Add sour cream sugar kosher salt 2 eggs 4 tbsp butter and remaining 5 cups bread flour 625 g to tangzhong scrape in yeast mixture hellip.

Sour cream ndash adds great flavor optional but very nice chives ndash finely chopped to garnish or use chopped green onion or parsley how to make garlic mashed potatoes cook potatoes ndash peel and cut potatoes into halves or quarters if larger then rinse in cold water note keep peeled potatoes in water so they don rsquo t discolor.

Hellmanns or best foods real mayonnaise sour cream all purpose potatoes and 3 more slow cooker mashed potatoes mccormick mccormick black pepper yukon gold potatoes butter milk mccormick bay leaves and 4 more.

Heat about half a cup of cream in a small saucepan and keep it warm in a separate saucepan heat about a cup of whole milk its good to heat the milk and cream so that we dont cool down the potatoes too much note you can make mashed potatoes using buttermilk and or sour cream in place of the cream and milk in this case you dont want to.

Transfer the mashed potatoes to a serving bowl and swirl the reserved sour cream onto the top with a spoon sprinkle with the reserved green onion and parsley drizzle the top lightly with olive oil and finish with a sprinkle of pepper.

Bells sour cream and chive mashed potatoes erin mcdowell insider the sour cream and chive flavor didnt fully come through either perhaps these potatoes would have been better with milk added like the classic version however if youre looking for a super filling instant mashed potato mix this is the one for you.

Some different flavors of cream cheese you can add to mashed potatoes are chive cream cheese vegetable cream cheese smoked salmon cream cheese jalapeno cream cheese and garlic and herb cream cheese 13 there were a lot of fans of making loaded mashed potatoes adding sour cream cheddar cheese green onions and crumbled bacon for a yummy.

This bird rock eatery may be known for its truffle fries but don rsquo t sleep on the cheddar chive mashed potatoes mdash they make a welcome addition to any thanksgiving feast taste test the melted bits of cheddar add an extra creaminess and to these otherwise traditional mashed potatoes though not a standout dish on its own the chives do add a.

The other is onion and chive cream cheese which we can make from scratch we rsquo ll combine those two shmears into one blend by doubling the cream cheese added to our onion and chive schmear formula mix everything together and load the ingredients into a standard 12 cup muffin pan with circles of parchment paper cut out to fit into the bottom.