This easy vanilla buttercream frosting recipe is absolutely perfect it rsquo s a basic american buttercream made with butter and powdered sugar the secret to this recipe is that is starts with cold butter which makes a fluffy homemade frosting that rsquo s hellip.

The buttercream frosting is made by creaming butter with powdered sugar vanilla salt and a little bit of heavy cream then whipping it into the perfect buttercream frosting the frosting should taste light airy and like sweetened whipped butter.

The end result will be super smooth perfect oreo buttercream tips for making best oreo frosting be sure you really finely crush the oreos so that you can easily smooth this frosting on a cake or pipe with it separate the cream from each cookie before chopping or blending them into small pieces this makes it easier to get a super fine.

As the buttercream whips it works out all the bubbles so you get a super smooth buttercream with no bubbles step 5 ndash optional to make your buttercream extra white use the end of a toothpick to add in a tiny drop of purple food coloring and about 1 hellip.

Homemade buttercream frosting one of the most common questions that i get from my readers is about buttercream frosting although i have made several types of buttercream frosting recipes this homemade buttercream frosting is by far my favorite due to its flavor simplicity and smooth texture.

Buttercream is such a simple recipe and there is no reason that you should ever purchase canned frosting again a good buttercream recipe will have a creamy texture a rich vanilla buttery flavor and will spread or pipe onto cakes and cupcakes easily.

Once that rsquo s cooled you add it to your whipped butter hellip and that rsquo s it super easy and delicious the frosting is silky smooth and not too sweet ermine buttercream was traditionally the frosting used on a red velvet cake though cream cheese frosting is hellip.

Classic quick and easy american buttercream frosting recipe requiring 4 ingredients it holds its shape great for cake decorating and cupcake decorating this classic american buttercream frosting recipe is what most of us grew up eating especially here in the unites states and canada its made with just four simple ingredients butter powdered sugar hellip.

Add 1 cup 2 sticks of softened butter i only ever use real butter but you can use whatever you have on hand although i think margarine changes the taste your buttercream frosting made with margarine will still better than canned frosting.

With the smooth side of a viva towel rub the cake all the way around pushing any air bubbles up with the smooth side of the viva towel round the edges with your fingers with the viva towel and a fondant paddle smooth the side of the cake with the tip 18 fill the top of the cake with a very hot angle spatula smooth the top of the cake.

Tips and tricks for the best buttercream frosting always use salted butter when i first wrote this recipe in 2010 there weren rsquo t many people that were food blogging compared to today so i literally couldn rsquo t find a single buttercream frosting recipe on hellip.

Toasted marshmallow buttercream frosting is made with toasted marshmallows mixed right into the buttercream the toasted marshmallows give this frosting recipe delicious flavor and a marshmallow like texture perfect for cake filling or cupcake frosting easy marshmallow buttercream frosting recipe so this frosting.

Repeat this process until your frosting comes together and is smooth you can also add in powdered sugar 1 2 cup at a time to thicken your frosting and bring it together making this buttercream in advance while i am all about making buttercream in advance this frosting can be a bit more finicky.

This super smooth frosting is simple but oh so good there are only three simple ingredients and it can be made in just a few minutes follow these simple steps to get a creamy delicious sweetened condensed milk buttercream with no powdered sugar.

How to make cream cheese buttercream frosting this recipe couldn rsquo t be easier just combine all of the ingredients in the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment and beat it for 4 5 minutes until smooth light and creamy you can also make this frosting with a hand held mixer and a large bowl.

If storing frosting in the refrigerator before using make sure to allow it to sit at room temperature for 10 minutes for smooth spreading if you wish to pipe the buttercream onto your cake or cupcakes as shown in the photos fill a pastry bag with some of the frosting then place the pastry bag in the refrigerator until youre ready to.

Hints for the creamiest best chocolate frosting recipe around there rsquo s just 6 ingredients in this fudgy frosting that pairs with any cake best chocolate frosting recipe we rsquo ve featured this mouthwatering buttercream known as ldquo the best chocolate frosting around rdquo several times on tastes of lizzy t in the past you rsquo ve seen it on mint cakes peanut hellip.

Best ever chocolate buttercream frosting is an easy american buttercream style recipe with two secret ingredients and one surprise technique to make the richest creamiest smoothest and most chocolaty buttercream ever.

Chocolate buttercream frosting has always been an item on my grocery list rather than a recipe in my baking repertoire in the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment beat the butter on medium speed until it is smooth about 1 minute add the confectioners rsquo sugar and cocoa powder to the bowl and beat until combined with.

The main difference between buttercream frosting recipes and whipped frosting is the butter whipped frosting does not contain butter and is a lighter and fluffier icing buttercream contains a good amount of butter and has more of a rich flavor so you be the judge.

Yes sugar free cream cheese frosting is off the charts but this keto buttercream frosting is a whole other level of delicious creamy high fat butter makes for perfectly smooth sweet frosting every time cream cheese frosting on the other hand has a little extra tang that just doesn rsquo t fit with every recipe.

Our recipe should make enough best raspberry buttercream frosting to cover a 9 prime x 13 prime sheet cake or a two layer 8 prime cake if you are making cupcakes you should be able to frost 24 cupcakes if you apply the frosting with a knife.

6 ermine frosting also known as boiled frosting or flour buttercream ermine buttercream is smooth rich and tastes similar to cream cheese frosting though it does not contain cream cheese made by first cooking the flour and sugar this buttercream has great texture and taste that works best with red velvet or chocolate cake.

Peppermint buttercream frosting is a fun way to add a surprise flavor to cakes and cupcakes it makes a refreshing filling especially when paired with chocolate cake and chocolate buttercream this strawberry buttercream frosting is flavored with fresh strawberries lemon juice and zest strawberry puree adds natural flavor and the soft pink.

Almond extract in frosting if i want to make a fancy buttercream frosting maybe for a party or wedding add frac14 teaspoon of almond extract it adds just a hint of almond flavor and gives your frosting a slightly elevated flavor im pretty sure if i didnt tell anyone it was in there they wouldnt notice it just tastes like an amazing professionally made buttercream frosting.

Dairy free or vegan chocolate buttercream frosting use organic palm shortening or vegan butter or 50 50 palm shortening and vegan butter plus any non dairy milk paleo chocolate buttercream frosting use powdered coconut sugar or powdered succanat you can also use regular butter or 50 50 palm shortening and butter if you do dairy.

This delicious vegan buttercream frosting is silky smooth and velvety and perfect to spread on cakes or pipe onto cupcakes easy 4 ingredient recipe 4 95 from 19 votes.

This is the best vanilla buttercream frosting recipe that you are going to find this easy to make vanilla buttercream recipe tastes just like the frosting you get at a bakery it is smooth creamy sweet and perfect for frosting cakes and cupcakes and dessert fillings.

The only buttercream frosting recipe you will ever need to top your sugar cookies with two special ingredients make this frosting the most vanilla y recipe you ever did taste this icing was smooth and held its shape and was wonderful to work with so delicious the food charlatan mdash january 4 2019 6 14 am reply yes there is plenty.

This vegan vanilla frosting is smooth creamy and delicious ideal for use on cakes cupcakes and cookies just 4 ingredients this really couldn rsquo t be simpler and you rsquo ll love how rich it is even while using a minimal amount of vegan butter.