Pizza dip if you rsquo re looking for an easy dip recipe that rsquo ll keep people talking for days hellip you just found it you really can rsquo t beat this pizza dip recipe i love that it rsquo s easy to make ahead of time and customize with your favorite pizza toppings serve this with crusty bread breadsticks tortilla pita bagel chips vegetables and more.

Steak ndash thinly sliced bottom round steak is what we reached for in this recipe you can use any kind of meat you rsquo d like here ribeye flank steak and roast beef work as well cheese ndash cream cheese provolone cheese and parmesan cheese give this dip a creamy consistency along with the sour cream we suggest using blocks of cheese instead of pre hellip.

Crock pot mexican lasagna notes our casserole crock was perfect for this dish for the first time ever i did not have to break lasagna noodles to fit my crock pot and i loved that however if you do not have a casserole crock i have used my 6 qt non stick slow cooker many a time for the perfect lasagna every time i never use no boil noodles in my lasagna.

Using a 2 5 quart slow cooker you can easily make this crockpot cheese dip with bacon cheddar and ranch it rsquo s the perfect size for hot dips and side dishes like our popular buffalo chicken dip with football season right around the corner now is the best time to make this cheese dip.

Preheat oven to 375 deg and line a large baking sheet with parchment paper in a large bowl stir cream cheese artichoke hearts spinach parmesan sour cream garlic and lemon zest and red pepper flakes if using until combined.

While this makes a terrific cheese sauce for pouring over vegetables in lasagna gratins etc it doesn rsquo t have that truly silky and rich texture of a cheese dip some recipes call for real cheese and varying combinations of cream sour cream mayonnaise ndash but the problem with these is that when the dip cools down the cheese congeals.