Traditional russian blini blee nee are made with yeast raised buckwheat and or wheat flour batter that gives them a nutty and distinctive flavor eaten on all occasions and especially during holiday celebrations blini make a perfect appetizer or cocktail food as their smaller size can make for easy to handle bites that can be topped with anything youd like hellip.

What is blini blini or blinchiki are thin pan sized russian pancakes they are much thinner and wider than american style pancakes but not as thin and wide as crepes they are tasty and versatile often served with sour cream and jam or stuffed with a sweet or a savory filling today i rsquo m sharing a family favorite sweet blini recipe.

Sweet after pouring spreading the batter in pan sprinkle over pancake white grated cheese sliced ripe banana wait till cheese begins to melt then flip and cook in pan approx 3 min turn dinner plate upside down onto pancake then turn pan upside down with plate right side up remove banana slices from pan and arrange on pancake.

Blini are of course little pancakes russian ones but they are no ordinary pancakes blinis are to pancakes what maserati are to cars a huge leap forward but unlike a maserati anyone can enjoy a blini and make one or preferably a whole stack covered in tangy creme fraiche and best organic smoked salmon the key with blini is a little.

As a bonus this pan includes traditional recipes including scandinavian platta panna and russian blini this is the perfect pan for experimenting with different types of batter it rsquo s compatible with gas and electric stovetops and hellip.

1 borsch borscht this beet and cabbage red soup is a delicious belly warmer on moscow rsquo s colder days it comes with or without meat potato herbs usually dill and a dollop of smetana sour cream accompanied with a piece of rye bread or garlic bread topped with melted cheese this dish is hearty enough to serve as a meal although it is usually eaten as a starter.

Meaning russian pancakes called blini are different from their western counterparts they are larger in diameter typically pan sized and are very thin just a couple of millimeters turning over such thin batter to fry it from both sides is hard and requires practice.

American pancakes are the worst if not eaten right away and with butter and syrup it turns into limp cardboard french crepes russian blini and fluffy japanese style pancakes are much tastier with better texture the only way i like american style pancakes is when i add some sourdough starter to the batter.

A drizzle of salted rosemary caramel sauce would be an excellent pairing with any sweet buckwheat recipe photo by liz neily because buckwheat is gluten free it also lends a different texture to baked goods than wheat flour it won rsquo t give you light fluffy yeast bread because there rsquo s no gluten to be developed but it does add moistness to cakes and tenderness hellip.

A low key hangout with exquisite seasonal sharing plates and an irish twist this is the first bricks and mortar restaurant from max rocha ndash a canalside spot in east london rsquo s hackney that takes its name from the dublin born chef rsquo s late grandmother cecilia the son of fashion designer john rocha has a resume that includes some of the city rsquo s best joints ndash the hellip.

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