Rub over all sides of the pork tenderloin and place in the slow cooker i use a 2 5 quart oval slow cooker cover and cook on high for 1 5 2 hours or low for 2 3 hours until a meat thermometer inserted in the thickest part reads 150 160 degrees f.

Slow cooker mississippi pork tenderloin ndash only 5 ingredients pork tenderloins ranch dressing mix au jus gravy mix butter and pepperoncini peppers this is the best pork tenderloin i rsquo ve ever eaten the flavor is amazing serve over grits potatoes rice or noodles leftovers are great on a hellip.

Just made this it was freaking amazing checked the temp at 5 hours and it was 170 degrees turned it off and took the loin out of the crook pot put the remaking broth in the ninja and mad a gravy poured it over the loin and served with mashed potatoes.

Sounds amazing i cut open a pork tenderloin like a book pound it flat put sage bread dressing on the length of it roll it up from the short end wrap in bacon tie it and put on your oh so delicious glaze and cook in the crock pot.

Hi renee you can you a pre marinated pork loin in the slow cooker if you have a pork tenderloin smaller cut of meat then a pork loin but is more likely to come pre marinated it will be ready in 3 4 four hours typically on low this recipe refers to pork loin hellip.

For our recipe we chose a juicy roast but use pork loin shoulder or any pork cut youd prefer as the marinade will impart wonderful flavors no matter the cut youre using pork loin or tenderloin will take less time to cook than a pork shoulder probably less than six hours if you want it in slices for shredding allow further cooking try the mixture on tough cuts of beef like chuck or.

5 steps to amazing oven baked bbq pork tenderloin 1 the first step to building good flavor in meat is a good spice rub the spices will adhere to the moist surface of the meat forming a coating that will form a flavor seared crust when the meat hits the pan.

Expert tips season the pork on all sides make sure the tenderloin is completely coated with the spices and feel free to experiment with your favorite spices and spice blends you can even season the pork simply with just salt and pepper trim fat if necessary most tenderloins are sold already trimmed of fat if the one you purchase still has a bit of fat left on remove it with a sharp knife.