Instructions preheat your air fryer to 375 deg f 190 deg c use a non stick spray or cooking oil and coat a sheet of aluminum foil you will need a slightly larger piece than your in a large mixing bowl add all the ingredients be sure to reserve frac12 the ketchup to put on the top of the meatloaf later.

How to make meatloaf in an air fryer oven in large bowl combine ground beef breadcrumbs milk egg garlic garlic powder worcestershire sauce italian form mixture into a loaf of even thickness about 2 inches thick a rectangular shape works best for even cooking form a hellip.

Shape the meatloaf shape the meat mixture into a log shape roughly 6 inches long 3 4 inches wide and 1 5 2 inches deep place the loaf onto the sling in the air fryer cook cook the meatloaf for 30 40 minutes in the air fryer at 350 ordm f cook until the internal temperature of hellip.

Preheat your air fryer to 400 deg f knead together in a large bowl the meat beaten egg bread crumbs chorizo onion thyme teaspoon salt and a generous amount of pepper transfer the ground meat mix to a pan or dish and smooth the top over press in the mushrooms and coat the top with olive oil place the pan or dish in the basket and slide into the air fryer and cook for 25 minutes.

Cook it for 25 minutes while the meatloaf is cooking combine the ketchup brown sugar dijon mustard and worcestershire sauce in a small bowl after 25 minutes spoon 1 4 cup of the topping mixture onto the meatloaf place it back in the air fryer and cook for hellip.

Instructions mix the ground beef breadcrumbs egg onion ranch seasoning salt pepper frac12 cup cheddar cheese and frac14 cup barbecue spray or brush the air fryer basket with olive oil put the meatloaf mixture into the basket and shape into a loaf set at hellip.